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Welcome back to my world. After spending forever aching to get back into blogging in my long awaited week off, I've spent the entire week being stuck in bed with lady flu, and not at all happy about it. So, I thought I'd try out a 'what's in my bag' post because as a self professed nosy parker I love them, and I wanted to show off my new entirely gorgeous but utterly impractical bag and, most importantly, I could stay in my pjs during the creation of this post!

The bag itself is the 5 inch and up Ida bag from Nelly, which I've had for about three seconds and am already madly in love with. It's basically one leather pouch with a little zipped pocket inside, and is the perfect size for a clutch that can carry you from day to night.

Babble the new Charles Saatchi book which I'm currently buried in at the moment. I'm seriously a little bit more in love with him than is probably natural, his honestly, his wit, his energy, his wife... the list goes on. This book offers his refreshingly honest view of the various ways of the world, with little annecdotes and lists of fabulously useless trivia. After traipsing around forever wondering whether or not to buy it, I managed to get a signed copy at Foyles and it's probably my most favourite posession at the moment.

The Moleskin I'm so obsessed with moleskin diaries, it's probably the thing I most look forward to buying every year. They meet my need for constant frantic obsessive list writing, date keeping and task tracking and I'm always near one.

The Purse is my Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet, which is grey with rose gold hardware and matchy matchy with my bag, both of which are basically the loves of my life.

The Drugs this is what happens when you're ill and try to make a blog post!

Kleenex I always carry tissues around, and am pretty addicted to those overpriced cute ones in different packets... grrr
Emergency Kit This little bag of goodness is my knight in shining Armour, and is the one thing I believe that every girl actually needs in their bag! It contains (as photographed); a TSS emergency guide, blistex, a plaster, minted waxed floss, Advil, stain remover wipes, nail polish remover pad, deodorant towelette, double sided tape, tampon, nail file, hair spray, clear nail varnish, liquid breath mint, a travel sewing kit, and my additions of pencil eyeliner and a perfume sample. It makes sure you are prepared for literally all of life's little emergency's and I would be lost without it

The Camera my dslr rarely gets to travel, as I'm usually with this little bad boy. I love this camera, it's perfect to carry around on a day to day basis, can take a knock or two, and actually takes decent enough photos.

The Inhalers are always around

The Cream I'm a L'occitane addict, and can somebody just buy me all of their products please?

The Fragrance is Jean Paul Gaultier, and always handy to keep in a bag. To be honest though, I end up stealing sprays of Le Male far more than I wear this.

The Lip Balm I have such annoyingly sensitive lips and always am smothering something on them, most products do more harm than help but Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm is a personal favourite of mine, annoyingly as I can't find it anywhere in the UK. It's protective, moisturizing and leaves such a nice fresh tingly feeling that you know it's doing you good.

I have to say that all of these weird and wonderful things makes a bag with no handles somewhat difficult to hold, but I cannot go without so they're staying in there!


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  3. I have inhalers in my purse right now too! Yay for Spring sicknesses and allergies, lol. And I definitely need to get one of those emergency kits for my bag, it literally contains everything you could need!


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  5. that's quite a lot to fit in the bag !! Though I always carry my stock of medical supplies too in the bag !
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  6. i loove my moleskin, such a handy thing to carry around!

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  8. sorry you've been out sick - hope you are feeling better!
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  9. Hope you're feeling better! And that is one comprehensive emergency kit. I don't carry anything of the sort and am always at the mercy of more well-prepared bag carriers :)

  10. Thanks for sharing the contents in your bag... Gotta have the emergency kit, comes in really handy... We always have candy, cookies, and gum in our bags.

    Hope you feel a lot better.


  11. This is awesome! Love the baggy things, great insight! You are just a fun darling thing:) sorry you had the flu... Hope your all healthy now!

  12. loooove that bag. i always love when people do these kinds of posts!

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog a bit ago and for your comments oh and for following on pinterest too!

    the book sounds interesting, he's just got in trouble over her for grabbing his missus in a restaurant. Sounds like they have slip up, apparently he's been very aggressive towards her.

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