lumiere london

A very very quick post of just a few shots I've taken so far of the Lumiere London, light festival taking place over this weekend only! If you're free, and up for an adventure, I would thoroughly recommend wrapping up, grabbing a flask of something sweet and warm, and taking to the streets of London to see some spectacular installations. Guaranteed to brighten up your weekend!


goodbye 2015

And goodbye to the person standing there in the clearing in the woods. Cannot believe that this photo was taken exactly a year ago, and how much has changed in what turned out to be a life changing year. Here's a few shots to sum up 2015, and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and kind word throughout the year. I have lots more of the capital's hot spots and maybe nots to share with you all, so look out for more to do, see, eat and drink in London, as told by a Londoner. Here's to a happy and healthy 2016 for you all, I hope you enjoy the adventures this new year brings with it!


time for tea @ harrods

As it is the festive season, I felt a bit cruel for leaving such a negative afternoon tea review with you in my last post, so I thought I'd spoil you with another. As we all know, after the festive fun of Christmas Day, comes the infamous Boxing Day Sales. In London, one of the first names that come to mind when you think shopping is of course, Harrods. But there's so much more than just shopping to the iconic department store, and there is no reason not to make an indulgent day of it.


time for tea @ the montcalm

Opposite London's iconic Marble Arch is the flagship hotel of the Montcalm Luxury Hotels Group, The Montcalm, Marble Arch. Nestled within the Georgian crescent building is The Crescent Restaurant and Lounge, which provided the perfect setting for a midsummer's afternoon tea.


viva scotland

Who doesn't love a night in being primped, pruned and pampered, and after a turbulent early morning flight and a busy day braving the wild winds and rain of the Highlands, it will come as no surprise that a pick me up was needed! So we booked ourselves in for a pamper session at the Viva Urban Spa for some much needed R&R


sunny scotland

As far as me and my lil ol' bank account are concerned, stay-cations are the way forward! So last weekend I booked myself a flight to (not so) sunny Scotland and traveled up to Aberdeen with some friends, to see what the Highlands have to offer - and yes, that is a flock of sheep crossing the road!


sky high

As I've probably mentioned (once, twice, a hundred times) already, I adore autumn. But let's be honest, given the choice of trying to enjoy the beauty of the colder months whilst battling the subzero winds and rain currently sweeping through London in the name of hurricane Barney, or staying cosy and warm indoors, surrounded by good cocktails and better friends, I think we all know what the choice would be.
But why not have both?


time for tea @ the thistle

As a Mother's Day treat in April, Sarah and I whisked our dear mothers to the oasis of the The Thistle Afternoon Tea at Marble Arch, a four star Art Deco themed hotel located just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of London's Oxford Street.


on a stage, close to you

Those of you who follow my Instagram and/or Twitter would have seen how much the Criterion Theater enjoyed having me on stage over the weekend's performance of Close To You : Bacharach Reminagined. No! Sadly, I am not now staring in the breathtaking musical after becoming an overnight musical theater sensation, but I did get the chance to enjoy the whole performance on stage, and you can too


last of the summer wine

Seen as we drink enough of it, my best friend decided it was finally time that we learnt a little bit more about wine, and so she booked us into a fabulous wine tasting treat at Dedham Vale Vineyard.