time for tea @ the palm court

In February, we made our way to The Palm Court, at London's Park Lane Hotel, to indulge in a more traditional afternoon tea in their lavish Art Deco lounge.


summertime serpentine

As September draws to a close I've been reminiscing about some of my favourite things to do on those rare occasions when the sun is shining in London, and my recent trip to the Serpentine Pavilion proves that sometimes you don't need the rain to enjoy the rainbow.


time for tea @ W

To celebrate the last year, my Mum and I made a new years resolution to treat ourselves to an afternoon tea once a month, at all the iconic venues in the city we'd always wanted to go. Indulging in sandwiches, scones, cake, tea and a chit chat once a month was  definitely a resolution that we were able to stick to! So I thought I'd share with you some of the spots in London where you'll find the good, bad and ugly ways of enjoying of this age old English tradition.

Unsurprisingly, our first stop was somewhat unconventional. Instead of going with the traditional, we began with a rock 'n' roll inspired interpretation of afternoon tea at the W Hotel, Leicester Square.


breaking dad

Most people buy their Dad's slippers and roast dinner for father's day... Me? I took my dad to make narcotics. Anybody who has access to a TV / the internet / the outside world will probably have been hooked by the phenomenon that is Breaking Bad. My Dad was so obsessed that he slept on the sofa for a month just so he wouldn't wake my Mum up watching it into the early hours of the morning! So, when I heard that a Breaking Bad inspired pop up bar was opening in London I dragged him down there for a little father's day treat.


alcoholic architecture

A somewhat bizarre concept that as a former architect, and ongoing alcohol enthusiast, I felt compelled to try. The latest pop up project from Bompas & Parr, Alcoholic Architecture, is comprised of a walk in cloud of what they call 'breathable cocktail'. 







Just a few photos (from +1000 !!) of my trip to Milan last week to celebrate Sarah's birthday. This is our second trip to Milan now, and it definitely didn't disappoint second time around. I've spoken to well traveled friends who continue to see Milan as one of their least favourite places in Europe... and I continue to argue back! To me, Milan is an exciting city, with new fashion/art/culture popping up everywhere, yet still steeped in tradition. It's smart, serene and chic in a way that I'm forced to believe only Italian can do.



Taking the plunge and deciding to finally make a long awaited return back to blogging. Although I'm not entirely sure where this is going and [even after 6 whole years] have neither rhyme nor reason for this blog, I hope I can keep up with it this time and am very much looking forward to reuniting with many of the wonderful blogs and people I have missed, and discovering many many more

But, here's what I've been up to in my absence ...